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25-year-old woman steps out to revamp education in Cape Coast

Story: Hajia Asana Gordon

A 25-year-old Founder of ‘Read Africa Read’ Charity Organization, Miss Jackie Ricketts-Hagan has embarked on a move to revamp education in Cape Coast.

She believed that High-quality education was essential for children’s overall development and future opportunities, hence there was the need to promote education in Cape Coast.

Miss Jackie Ricketts-Hagan, who is the daughter of the Member of Parliament(MP) for Cape Coast South Constituency, Mr. George Kwaku Ricketts-Hagan made the comments when she launched her project called “Read Africa Read Charity Organization project” and presented over 1,000 reading books to the children within Cape Coast.

The project intends to help the children perform better in schools as well as build positive image of themselves.

“It is important for children to read for many reasons, most importantly to learn about the world around them, to understand their peers better, to expand their vocabulary, to perform better in school and to build positive image of themselves”, she observed.

“I want Cape Coast children to benefit from this project because Cape Coast is the city of education. Filled up with many schools including all of the oldest schools in the country of Ghana. It is in the blood of the Fante people to be educated. Cape Coasters are known as the intellectuals of Ghana and I want to contribute to that legacy”, Miss Ricketts-Hagan lamented.

Miss Ricketts-Hagan urged the beneficiary students to try their best to read the books and share them with their friends.

She said, “Together as a community, we can push each other to grow. Together we can have a strong positive impact on the world but it all begins with allowing yourself to expand your mind through reading and learning.”.

Miss Ricketts-Hagan promised to distribute books to the libraries within Cape Coast to support reading.


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