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For Credible and Accurate News, Visit Gnewsprime.com

The Manager and Editor of Gnewsprime.com is Georgina Appiah, a professional Journalist and a Member of the Ghana Journalists Association.

It is difficult for a number of people to get accurate information. Hence, she provides them with authentic and reliable information including news stories from around the globe.

Mission statement


Gnewsprime.com aims to feed readers with the most credible and reliable information. This site is one of the most trusted places for educational content such as latest news, accurate information for all kinds of people including children and adults, learners and teachers among others.

Gnewsprime is owned and managed by Georgina Appiah, a Professional Journalist in Ghana.


Ethics policy

Gnewsprime is our most  valuable asset, so it is important that we bring the best to our users. Also, as law abiding citizen, it is important to stress that this site abhor practices that break internet rules and the world in general. Users are advised to apply the most etiquette practices when using this site, either for social media or educational purposes.




Gnewsprime is committed to authentically representing every one of the millions of users that consume our content. We are not racists and do not promote hateful content. Everyone must be loved.

Corrections policy

Sometimes mistakes are made and that is why we have a system in place that checks our content. We also review our content from time to time and update the content. Any error seen or prompted is immediately and appropriately worked on.

Anyone reading from Gnewsprime.com  can make a complaint by emailing ginapps33@gmail.com

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