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International Women’s Day: FJ-WoRDA reminds Gov’t of the country’s Maternal Mortality rate


As the world marks International Women’s Day, the Female Journalists for Women and Rural Development In Africa (FJ-WoRDA), a non-governmental Organization based in the Central Region of Ghana, has reminded the government of the country’s current maternal mortality rate, which stands at 310 per 100,000 live births.

“As of now, the country’s maternal mortality rate stands at 310 per 100,000 live births, which is  impeding women’s growth”.

Whiles congratulating Women for their immense contribution to Ghana’s development, FJ-WoRDA  urged the government to attach importance to the health needs of women and strategize to improve access to health care.

“In a developing economy such us ours, the efforts of women remain critical to our homes, communities and country. From the farmer to the Koko seller, market women, journalists, technicians to the corporate executive women and politicians, women continue to make immense contributions to the development of the country”.

A statement signed by the Executive Director of the Association, Shirley Asiedu-Addo, indicated that “Women dying while giving birth must be a worrying concern for us as a nation”.

“Government must also resolve the issue regarding the shortage of vaccine for infants including the polio and measles vaccines with urgency to give mothers some peace of mind. Mothers continue to go in and out of hospitals seeking to vaccinate their wards but to no avail. The hours spent and the psychological effect on mothers are overwhelming.We again urge government and other abled organizations to bring health care services closer to all”.

Touching on technology, FJ-WoRDA stated “it is important to stress that the impact of women’s roles could be maximized through the use of appropriate technologies”.

It continued that effort by the government to support women into areas that were previously a preserve for men by encouraging more girls into technical and vocational education was laudable”.

“The many technology training fora by government agencies and non governmental organizations are laudable in helping bridge the technological know how for both genders”.

“While their role cannot be overlooked, women still have little access to innovative technologies. Can the koko seller gain some training and access to a technology that will enable her access customers easily? Can the mother in the hinterland reach a health service provider faster using technology”?

Women must be consciously supported with tools that enhance their jobs and roles, the statement emphasized.

“On this year’s International Women’s Day, FJ-WoRDA commends women everywhere for their tremendous contribution to humanity and particularly for helping sustain the human race”.

“We want to thank men for the support they continue to give women and urge women to continue to selflessly contribute to making their communities better.
Women should also continue to impact society positively with their uniqueness as women”, the statement added.

“As the world marks International Women’s Day, we wish all women in Ghana and the world in general, a Happy International Women’s Day”



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