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Government’s Lithium Deal: Sam Jonah and Fui Tsikata never attacked me – Prof Gyampo replies critics

Source: Prof Ransford Gyampo

Responding to Mr Fui Tsikata and Mr Sam Jonah.

Dear Folks,

Many of you have sent to me statements purported to have been made by Mr Fui Tsikata and Mr Sam Jonah against me, in my advocacy for a rejection of the attempt to loot our Lithium by foreigners with the connivance of some of our own elites.

I have been in touch with the two and they have categorically denied what is attributed to them against me.

Mr Sam Jonah wasn’t too pleased with the content of my open letter to him, but he himself texted and later called to tell me to ignore the mischief that has been put out there by some party paid bootlickers.

He told me how angry Mr Fui Tsikata has also been with the attempt to knock our heads together.

So, I am writing to also tell you to ignore the mischief.

Indeed, I have the explicit consent of the two elderly statesmen to write this and to state categorically to you that, they haven’t said what they are alleged to have said about me.

As you may be aware, I cannot be distracted in this fight and I need you all to also stay resolute and support me with prayers as I mobilize the Chiefs and People of Borbor Mfantse for a show down against what can be described as merely good enough in our lithium deal.

Only the best if good for Ghana and Mfantseman.

We shall overcome.

Yaw Gyampo
A31, Prabiw
PAV Ansah Street
Suro Nipa House
Behind Old Post office
Larteh Akuapim


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