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Disaster! Tidal wave destroys houses in Moree, COA Global Peace Mission sympathizes with over 100 displaced residents


Over hundred residents in Moree in the Abura Asebu kwamankese District of the Central Region were affected by Monday’s (17th April, 2023) tidal wave that washed away over five houses along the beach front.

The victims, including nursing mothers and the aged are now homeless and seeking shelter in sheds in the community and others lodging with family and friends.

The Regent of Moree, Nana Obo Kese Krampah disclosed this, when the President General of Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan visited the community to sympathize with the victims.

According to Nana Obo Kese Krampah, “tidal waves continue to threaten the community for years but all calls for support have fallen on deaf ears”.

“This is not the first time, it has happened. We have been trying to reach out to government leaders to support us, all to no avail. Last Monday, what happened was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. People who live along the beach have all been displaced. Now we have hundreds of people with no shelter. These people have been reduced to be sleeping under ‘patase’ (sheds)”, the regent lamented.

He described the situation as an emergency and appealed to the government to pay attention to their plight.

Nana Obo Kese Krampah maintained that “we have been so marginalized and neglected”.

The President General of COA Global Peace Mission, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, who was worried about the situation visited the community to assess the extent of damage and see how best to support them in this trying moment of their lives.

He didn’t accept “the community is totally neglected” but believed that “this is the time we have to convey the message to the government that there is the need for immediate intervention”.

For three consecutive years, tidal waves have continuously washed away about fifty meters stretch of land along the beach of Moree including houses among other properties, according to information gathered.

Professor Duncan indicated that from the narrative, ” the sea is gradually taking over the land of Moree and if nothing is done, the whole community might be submerged by the sea”.

“This is the time all of us should get involved and see what we can do to support this community”.

He thus called on other benevolent organizations and individuals to support the community.

“I am coming from the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission point of view. This is an Institution that seeks to address issues confronting Peace and I believe that this is a serious issue confronting Peace. About hundred people have been displaced and we don’t know what will happen in the next few months, if nothing is done. I think that something must be done as soon as possible”, Professor Duncan emphasized.

He again called on the government and the World Bank at large to come to the aid of the community.

The Youth Chairman of Moree, Olando Andoh told Gnewsprime.com that ” this is an existing issue and if pragmatic steps are not taken, the whole community would be submerged”.

He called for immediate intervention before “the unfortunate happens”.


Source: Gnewsprime.com

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