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Afenyo-Markin: The ‘Idi Amin’ of Effutu – Prof. Oduro says, debunks plagiarism and rape stories


“Afenyo-Markin has caused people living in fear in Winneba and that’s why I have been referring to him as the ‘Idi Amin’ of Winneba”, Professor George K. T. Oduro, former, Pro Vice Chancellor of UCC emphasized.

Prof Oduro, who was reacting to claims that he plagiarized his Phd and raped a female colleague, alleged, that Alexander Afenyo-markin, the Member of Parliament for Effutu was behind the “fabricated” publication.

Speaking to the media in Cape Coast, the UCC Prof. indicated that the MP came out to state that “I have defamed him by virtue of the fact that I have a post on my Facebook handle, which was drawing his attention to an allegation, that it was at his instance that the demolition of some building projects took place”.

The structures that were demolished in Winneba included a building facility owned by a relative of Professor George K. T. Oduro, which according to the Professor was legally acquired and registered.

Prof. Oduro then put up a Facebook post alleging that the MP for the area instructed the demolition of the structures.

“The MP comes out to deny the allegation and based on that asked me to pull down the post and apologize”, he stressed.

Prof. Oduro stated that the actions and inactions of Mr Afenyo-markin were obvious that the MP was strategically lying to the community.

“Until the young lady and her husband get justice, the post will never be removed”, the Professor stressed.

“Hon Afenyo-markin’s declaration of social media war against Professor George K.T. Oduro points to the fact that he schemingly sponsored the fabricated story published by Modern Ghana and Phoenix”, the UCC Prof alleged.

“No amount of fabricated stories will intimidate me to pull down that post about hon. Afenyo-markin’s insensitive, tyrannical and erroneous destruction that led to the demolition of Dr Oteng’s building on her properly acquired piece of land”.

“You get slanderous stories published about me with factual inaccuracies because you asked me to remove a post and I refused. You said I got my Phd in UCC when the whole world knows it’s not true”, Prof Oduro stated.

He continued that evidence from the MP’s camp was explicit that Mr Afenyo-markin directed the demolition of the structure.

“Instead of going on a remorseful resolution tangent, you threatened me to pull down the post”.

“I am not on the path of a full blown fabrication war. I am on the path of giving voice to the voiceless”, says the former Pro Vice Chancellor of UCC.

“You claim my Facebook post defamed you and you never instructed the demolition of the building facility on a land legally purchased and registered. Instead of going to court, you resort to threats and harrassment to put pressure on me to pull down the post”.

“He asked me, if tomorrow, someone put a post on their social media that Prof. Oduro has raped a student or traded marks for sex, will you come publicly to clarify? I responded, if it’s an allegation, I will clarify and he said he (Afenyo-markin) won’t publicly clarify”.

Prof Oduro stated that an MP  should be seen for protecting the interests of individuals in his constituency, rather than causing them psychological torture.

“A lawyer should not use threat of court action as an intimidatory tool for suppressing the rights of the voiceless in the society”, he maintained.

The University Professor indicated that he would petition the Speaker of Parliament to advise hon. Afenyo-markin, “the Idi Amin of Effutu” to stop the intimidatory orientation in dealing with the vulnerable.

Subsequently, he would petition the Ghana Bar Association to encourage the MP to resort to the court of law in addressing issues, instead of resorting to threats and harassment.

Prof Oduro said he would further lodge a formal complaint to the police about the fabricated stories and the threats to his family.

“If any unnatural harm is inflicted on any member of the family, Afenyo-markin and P. K. Sarpong should be held responsible. I have not been moved by the publication in anyway”, the Professor underscored.

He however stated his intention to sue modern ghana, the media Organization that published the plagiarism and rape stories to ‘defame’ him.


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