Phillip Quaque Boys School: First School In West Africa wasting Away

Phillip Quaque Anglican Boys School in Cape Coast needs urgent attention.

The School, which is the first School in West Africa continues to deteriorate as the years go by.

The School was instituted to educate the Mulattos in the year 1775 by Reverend Phillip Quaicoe.

It was later in 1956 named after Reverend Phillip Quaicoe and thus became Phillip Quaicoe Boys School.

It has become imperative to draw attention to the first School in West Africa and Ghana in particular due to its deteriorated state.

Phillip Quaicoe Boys, as it is popularly known, needs urgent attention, else it would waste away and history would be wiped as every facet of the school infrastructure is deteriorated.

The School, according to the Assistant Headmistress, Comfort Owusu has produced very prominent persons in the society.

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