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Bawjiase Polyclinic gets new Accident and Emergency Center, courtesy of MTN Ghana Foundation


The MTN Ghana Foundation has handed over an Accident and Emergency Center worth GHC 5,475,542.69 to the Bawjiase Polyclinic in the Central Region of Ghana.

The facility comprises; operating theatre, emergency ward, doctors’ offices, isolation ward, recovery ward, resuscitation point, nurses’ and doctors’ rooms.

Also, there is a reception area, offices for accounts staff and medical superintendent among others.

The facility has been equipped with a range of medical equipment, including hydraulic patient stretchers, lockers, drip stands, medicine trolleys and cabinets, an anesthetic machine, diathermy machine, patient monitors, oxygen concentrators and surgical instruments.

Speaking at a ceremony to hand over the project to officials of the Bawjiase Polyclinic, the Board Chairman of the MTN Ghana Foundation, Prof Franklin Manu empathized that the MTN Foundation was happy to have made significant strides in advancing health care in Ghana.

Before the intervention by MTN Ghana foundation, the Bawjiase Polyclinic had only a single-room  unit with just three beds as the Emergency ward.

During times of overflow, the corridor of the clinic was converted into an additional ward.

Also, the clinic had no operating theatre and office space for administrative staff was inadequate.

According  to the Board Chairman of MTN Ghana Foundation, in February this year, the company handed over a 60-bed maternity block to the Keta Hospital.

“Today, we are handing over an Accident and Emergency Centre and Administrative block. These projects are the Foundation’s contribution to achieving the WHO’s Universal Health Coverage in Ghana by 2030”, he underscored.

He maintained that the gesture in the Health sector, demonstrated MTN Ghana Foundation’s commitment to ‘Sustainable Development Goal three’, which targets Good Health and Wellbeing.

Prof Franklin Manu was optimistic MTN Ghana Foundation would continue to allocate resources to support Ghana’s healthcare sector.

He touched on the importance of  maintenance of such facilities and disclosed that to ensure the facility’s sustainability, the MTN Foundation, in conjunction with the Polyclinic’s management, would establish a maintenance policy.

“We urge the management, staff, and users to adhere to these policies to preserve the facility”, he stated.

The Board Chairman for the MTN Ghana Foundation emphasised the need for all to take road safety seriously to avoid preventable fatalities and injuries.

Bawjiase Polyclinic is a vital healthcare facility in the Central Region, serving Bawjiase and 80 other communities within the Awutu Senya District and beyond.

It provides healthcare to over 33,000 people in the central region and part of the Greater Accra region.


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