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Good News for Vehicle Owners: As aYo Ghana launches ‘Pay and Drive’ Motor Insurance Policy


Vehicle owners can now heave a sigh of relief, as they can now pay their motor insurance policy on their phones, thanks to aYo Intermediaries Ghana, a leading mobile micro-insurance company and a subsidiary of MTN Ghana.

The move was made possible, when aYo Intermediaries Ghana Ltd,  partnered Sanlam General Insurance Ltd and Mobile Money Limited to launch a new insurance product called aYo Pay and Drive Motor Insurance Policy.

The insurance policy enables drivers to insure their vehicles as and when they want to, based on their individual needs and preferences using their mobile phones.

According to a Press Statement issued by aYo Ghana, “with the pay-as-you-go approach, drivers have full control over their insurance payments, making insurance more affordable and convenient”.

It further stated that the insurance policy could be purchased weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly offering more flexibility to meet the evolving needs of vehicle owners.

“The premium is calculated based on the selected number of days; a minimum of 7 days is required, usage of vehicle (Private or commercial) and value of vehicle, the statement disclosed.

“Customers can register for aYo Pay and Drive at to sign up. Alternatively, customers can WhatsApp 0596918235 for assistance”.

At the launch, Mr. Francis Gota, CEO of aYo Intermediaries Ghana Ltd, explained how the product was going to revolutionize the insurance industry through its convenience, accessibility, and flexibility.

Mabel Nana Ama Nyarkoa Porbley, CEO of Sanlam General Insurance Ltd also spoke about how the digital nature of the product would help reduce our environmental footprint.

She encouraged all drivers to sign on to the product.

Chief Superintendent Alexander Kweku Obeng of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, commended the initiative.

He hoped it  would assist citizens in complying with the mandatory insurance requirements in Ghana.

aYo Pay and Drive Insurance policy is crafted to meet the needs of  customers, such as  car owners and cab drivers who cannot purchase yearly insurance cover.

Valid Pay & Drive claims are paid directly to the claimant’s mobile money wallet or preferred payment platform.


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