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Bad roads are Killing our people!…Assin South residents lament 

Residents of Fawomanye, Manager, and Quansakrom, all in the Assin South District of the Central Region, have expressed their grievances over the deplorable nature of the road network in the area.

They say the poor roads are killing the people in these areas, indicating that ” what necessitated our call followed a pregnant woman who slipped and fell in the bathhouse but died when the ‘Aboboyaa’ that was taking her to the hospital also had an accident due to the bad road network”.

“We use coconut trunks to build bridges to connect nearby communities and that is not safe for motorists”, they disclosed.

They have however called on the government, particularly the Member of Parliament for Assin South, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, and the DCE Hon. Felicia Amissah Ntrakwa to  pay attention to the dilapidated nature of the roads in the area and reconstruct it for them.

The predominantly farming communities produce stuff such as cocoa, plantain and cocoyam among others in large quantities.

According to the disgruntled farmers, all their farm produce are rotting away in the bush due to the difficulty of transporting them to the market centers.

The Chief of Besease Fawomanye  Nana Atua ‘I’ narrated “the bad nature of roads also affects the academic performance of students since children in KG even walk about 3 kilometers to school in Assin Besease to access education”.

He reiterated “the nature of the road will determine the outcome of the general elections in the area come 2024 so the MP and the DCE should do something about it, if they want to retain their seats”. Shadrack Owusu Asante, Rich Fm Assin Fosu, 2022.

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