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Letter on why Richard Jakpa was dismissed from Armed Forces for unsatisfactory conduct entered into evidence at ambulance trial

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Why the businessman, Richard Jakpa was dismissed from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in 2007 for “unsatisfactory conduct” has been entered into evidence as part of the ambulance trial currently ongoing at the Accra High Court.

Jakpa has been accused of causing financial loss of €2.37 million to the state in an ambulance deal with the Minority Leader, Dr Cassiel Ato Forson.

The Deputy Attorney-General, Alfred Tuah-Yeboah, who started his cross-examination of Jakpa on Thursday [June 27, 2024] entered into evidence a letter supposedly written to dismiss Jakpa from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in 2007.

The letter included allegations of misconduct and breach of military protocols leading to his dismissal.

Jakpa’s lawyers had objected to the tendering of the letter and raised an issue of relevance but the presiding judge, Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe admitted the document into evidence.

She said the witness had already acknowledged the document being tendered and has already said he can speak to it.

She added that the covering letters were official documents and will be admitted to prove credibility or otherwise.

The dismissal letter, written and signed on behalf of the Chief of the Army Staff by the late Brigadier General M.K.G. Ahiaglo, the then Commander of the Southern Command of the Ghana Armed Forces had indicated that Richard Jakpa had been released from service for “unsatisfactory conduct.”

Jakpa was then a Lieutenant in the Ghana Armed Forces.


Below is what is contained in the letter

The above-named officer was commissioned into the Armour Corps as a Regular Officer on 21 August 1998.

All things being equal, the officer should have made the rank of Captain on 21 August 2002 and a Major on 21 August 2007.

He has consistently failed his PROMEX and now lags behind his mates in rank.

Also, his service with the Colours has been largely unsatisfactory, marked by consistent fraudulent conduct, abrasiveness and general indiscipline.

In addition, Lt R. Jakpa (GH/2899) has incessantly been indebted to various people/institutions during the period.

An example was his long indebtedness to Recce Regt PRI to the tune of $300.00, which he was unable to pay till authority was sought for the amount to be deducted from his salary.

Throughout his service life, Lt R. Jakpa (GH/2899) has proved consistently that he belongs to a world incompatible with the decent and gentlemanly composure that the Presidential Commission confers on officers of the Ghana Armed Forces.

He is a bad example by all standards and his continued retention in the Service is likely to cause more harm to the Service and to himself.

Indeed, in May 2004, a special report submitted on him by his Commanding Officer suggested that the officer had reached his ceiling.

Three years on, his new Commanding Officer describes his conduct as shameful and regrettable.

From the foregoing the continued retention of Lt R. Jakpa is not in the best interest of the Ghana Armed Forces and, indeed, himself. It has accordingly been decided that Lt R. Jakpa be released from the Service forthwith.


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