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Woman shot in butt after sliding into MRI machine with loaded firearm

Source: New York Post

Who said being confined in a loud, claustrophobic metal tube couldn’t be a blast?

An unidentified Wisconsin woman was left with an extra pair of holes in her butt after she took a loaded firearm into an MRI machine during a doctor’s visit back in June, Food and Drug Administration records show.

The 57-year-old had a handgun concealed on her person as she was slid into the MRI’s bore, but when the machine’s powerful magnets were engaged, the metal trigger tripped and the gun discharged.

“Patient received a gunshot wound in the right buttock area,” a Use of Device Problem report submitted by the woman’s insurance company to the FDA in July read.

“The patient was examined by a physician at the site who described the entry and exit holes as very small and superficial, only penetrating subcutaneous tissue.”

After getting shot in the butt, the woman was hospitalized and her wounds were treated. She went on to make a full recovery, the report noted.

It is unclear how the woman was able to bring a weapon into the MRI room. She underwent a routine screening for metal objects and said she had none on her before entering, the report noted.

MRIs — magnetic resonance imagining machines — use magnetic fields generated by extremely powerful magnets to create images of the inside of a human body. Their magnets are so powerful that patients are required to remove all metal from their bodies, and every item entering the machine rooms are carefully monitored to keep ordinary objects from becoming dangerous projectiles.

Despite precautions, accidents caused by MRI machines are far from unheard of.

As recently as October, a nurse at a San Francisco hospital suffered crushing injuries after she became trapped between an MRI and a hospital bed violently drawn into the machine.

In January, a Brazilian lawyer was killed at a São Paulo hospital after a handgun he was carrying in his waistband was ripped from his pants and discharged into his stomach.


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