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Police arrest man flogging toddler in viral video


The Police have arrested the man who was seen flogging a toddler in a viral video.

Richard Kofi believed to be the father of the boy was arrested on Wednesday afternoon at Akaa Buem in Jasikan in the Oti Region.

A report by the Fourth Estate said the wife of the suspect was also arrested by the police.

About two days ago, a video of a man flogging a child believed to be about three years old began to circulate on social media.

Although it is unknown what may have caused the man to engage in such an act, the toddler could be seen and heard crying helplessly in the video.

Many who chanced upon the video shared and drew the attention of the Police to the abuse.

Subsequently, the Police responded to the video and said, “efforts are underway to track down the individual involved, have him arrested and rescue the child.”

The police had also announced a reward of ¢2,000.00 for anyone who was able to provide credible information that could lead to the arrest of the male adult involved in the act.

A non-governmental organisation, Child Rights International, which condemned the flogging also placed a ¢10,000 bounty on the head of the man.

Meanwhile, the child has been rescued. He has been placed in the care of the police after his parents were arrested.



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