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15-year-old girl battles for her life after brutal attack by 21-year–old suspected ‘rapist’

Source: Joy Online

A fifteen-year-old girl is in critical condition at the Sogakope District Hospital following a brutal attack by a 21-year-old man who allegedly attempted to rape her.

The incident took place on Wednesday, June 26, in Dabala, in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region.

According to reports, the victim was conversing with a schoolmate behind their house in the evening when the suspect, armed with a sharp dagger, chased the male schoolmate away and demanded sex from the girl.

When she refused, he allegedly dragged her to a nearby bush and inflicted multiple cutlass wounds on her.

Despite being left semi-conscious, the courageous girl managed to crawl back home, where she was quickly rushed to the Sogakope District Hospital. She is currently receiving medical treatment.

Mr Ignatius Blebu, the victim’s father, recounted the horrifying incident to Joy News.

“On Wednesday night, my daughter was in her room when one of her classmates came looking for her. She came out to meet him, and they went to the back of our house where there is a summer hut. They sat under it to chat. While they were sitting there, another guy named Godsway approached with a cutlass.

When her friend saw him, he ran away. Immediately, the man with the cutlass caught my daughter and demanded that she let him sleep with her or he would kill her. My daughter said no to him, and as soon as she refused, he dragged her from the summer hut to the forest and began to cut her with the cutlass. He repeatedly demanded that she allow him to sleep with her, threatening to kill her if she didn’t comply.

He added “My daughter continued to refuse, saying she would rather die than let him sleep with her. This enraged him, and he mercilessly cut her on her back, face, and all over her body.

Despite her severe injuries, she managed to stand up and run, with the attacker following her. She eventually escaped and made it home, where she collapsed. We immediately took her to the roadside and got a motorbike to rush her to the hospital.”

Mr Blebu continued, “We later discovered that the attacker was named Godsway. We reported the case to the police, and the youth in the town went to find him. They eventually caught him and brought him to the police station.


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