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Dankyira Hemaa takes a swipe at Lawyer Obiri-Boahen

The Queen Mother of Dankyira, Nana Ama Ayensua Saara III has admonished Lawyer Nana Obiri-Boahen, a private legal practitioner with the ‘Nso Nyame Ye’ Chambers to stop indulging in public trial of her (Queen mother) behavior.

According to a statement issued by the Office of the Dankyira Hemaa and copied to, the Lawyer was purported to have attacked the behaviour of Nana Ayensua Saara, in a publication by, following a chieftaincy dispute in Diaso.

The’s report alleged that lawyer Obiri-Boahen criticized the Dankyira Hemaa for promoting Chieftaincy dispute in the area due to a dispute over the rightful Chief of Diaso, a community in the Dankyira Traditional Area.

The statement argued, that if lawyer Obiri-Boahen had a case with the Dankyira Hemaa, “one would expect that he would go to the law court, file his processes and ensure that it is served on the Dankyira Hemaa, instead of indulging in public trial, which would neither benefit him nor his client”.

The Office of the Dankyira Hemaa stated that the Queen mother was not aware of the issues alluded by the lawyer in the said publication and however indicated to the lawyer that “this is not partizan politics”.

Read full statement below.


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