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Central Region Teachers call for improved conditions of Service

Source: Hajia Asana Gordon

Aggrived teachers in the Central Region of Ghana have expressed disappointment over the government’s inability to improve the state of teachers, looking at the economic hardship in recent times.

“Whatever policies the government develops, including the new  curriculum, it is us the teachers who will implement it so if they don’t accord teachers the needed respect, how are they expecting us to be happy and teach in the classroom”? They questioned.

The irate teachers expressed the concern, when the three teacher unions, including Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT), Coalition of Concerned Teachers of Ghana(CCTH-GH) and the National Association of Graduate Teachers(NAGRAT) marched through the principal streets of Cape Coast
to demonstrate against the government over their realistic allowances to teachers and other incentives.

They demonstrated with placards which read: Respect teachers, Treat teachers fairly, fast track teachers’ promotion/upgrading, teachers deserve better conditions of service, keep your promises to teachers.

Others also read; pay realistic allowances to teachers, digitalized classrooms use data and make teaching in Ghana attractive.

The demonstrators therefore stormed the Central Regional Coordinating Council(CRCC) to present their petition to the Central Regional Minister, Mrs. Justina Marigold Assan but met her absence.

The  Internal Auditor of CRCC received the petition on behalf of the Regional Minister.


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