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Driver found dead after car submerges in floodwaters on Accra-Tema Motorway

Source: Joy Online

A driver, whose Honda Fit with registration number GR 1254-22 submerged near a bridge on the Accra-Tema motorway, was found dead meters away from his car on Tuesday afternoon.

The vehicle was retrieved after efforts by the officers of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), police, National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) and bystanders.

Nana-Mintah Nanor, the second-in-command at the Tema Motorway Fire Station, told Joy News that the tragic incident occurred last Saturday during a downpour, but they were only notified around midday on Tuesday.

“A dispatch rider, who witnessed the incident, rushed to the station and informed us about the car being washed away by floodwaters into the drain of the bridge, less than 100 meters from Nutrifoods,” Nanor recounted.

According to the rider, they initially tried to rescue the driver but failed, and subsequently informed the police. Rescuers had given up because they could not locate the car in the water.

However, on Tuesday, the rider noticed a crowd gathered around the area pointing at the submerged car, which was identifiable only by its antenna.

Responding to an emergency call around 11:50 am, the Tema Motorway fire team arrived at the scene by 12:05 pm.

“I immediately informed a police commander. Our men quickly got into the water, tied ropes to the car, and helped tow it to where it was visible, but there was no occupant,” Nanor explained.

The police and the National Road Safety Authority also assisted in using a towing vehicle to move the car to a nearby yard.

At that point, there was no information about the driver’s whereabouts. The driver was eventually found dead meters away from the car.

Nanor emphasised the dangers drivers face during heavy rains, cautioning, “With the nature of our roads, you don’t take the risk of driving on flooded roads.

“Do not be deceived that you have control over the steering wheel; you could be washed away. If there is a need to wait until all flooded areas are clear before moving, please do so because life is too precious to be wasted this way. Please respect this safety protocol.”

He also expressed concern over the lack of guardrails or barriers on the stretch to prevent vehicles from falling off the road.


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